Blog Rules

Blog Rules

The PIQ Score Blog section is intended as a forum for politically-minded Americans to share their views on political, social, and economic issues facing our nation. It's a place for raising ideas, discussing them, and allowing mutual learning to take place. Enjoy it... learn from one another... and be respectful of others using the site.

  1. 1. Who May Post Information:

    1. The public is welcome to read PIQ Score Blogs, but - to ensure that only appropriate content is posted, and those posting inappropriate content can be blocked from future posts - only registered PIQ Score members may submit articles or post comments on others' submissions. (See About/FAQ page for details.) By registering to post comments, you agree that you are at least 18 years old and that you are solely responsible for your account's activity.

  2. 2. Revocation of Site Privileges:

    2. Participants are expected to maintain a civil, measured, and thoughtful tone in presenting their views, or commenting on the views of others. Those who cannot will face the risk of having their blogging privileges revoked. Examples of the types of behavior that will result in revocation are listed below; this is an extensive but not complete list. If you have been banned and are not sure why, send an e-mail addressed to

  3. 3. Libelous, Defamatory Content:

    3. PIQ Score Blog participants are solely responsible for 1) ensuring the accuracy of information the post, and 2) any legal consequences that result from their postings. Don't assume that PIQ Score management agrees with or endorses any particular comment just because we let it remain in the Blogs.

  4. 4. Offensive Language and Content:

    4. Posting offensive language or offensive content - content that a reasonable person would find to be ethnically, racially, religiously, or sexually offensive to other members of the PIQ Score community -- is grounds for banishment from the site. Offensive content also includes discussions anything that is patently insulting, abusive, vulgar, hateful, harassing, obscene, profane, sexually-oriented, threatening, invasive of a person's privacy, or otherwise in violation of any law. PIQ Score editors will have the final say as to what content is acceptable for publication on the site.

  5. 5. General or Personal Insults, Attacks ("Flaming"):

    5. Do not make insulting or attacking comments to or about about members. This is known as 'flaming' and is not acceptable conduct. If someone is insulting you or another user, or saying things that you find offensive, do not respond by retaliating and returning insults. Instead, report the user to PIQ Score editors using the "Flag Thread" button and they will take care of the situation. Any user participating in flaming may have their access to the site blocked, regardless of who initiated the exchange.

  6. 6. Intentional Argumentativeness ("Trolling"):

    6. Trolling is posting anything that is designed to attract personal attacks or cause arguments. It is also considered trolling to announce on a thread that you are reporting someone. PIQ Score editors have the right to decide whether the reported content was meant to upset or anger other members.

  7. 7. Spamming:

    Spamming is posting content that is unrelated to the topic of thread; this includes posting nonsensical threads, threads that do not require meaningful discussion, or "goodbye" threads. Also, general nonsense threads, posts, replies to nonsense threads, as well as other content are considered spam. Posting links to your personal site, for business or recreation, and advertising other websites is considered spam.

  8. 8. Posting to External Links to Sites With Offensive Content:

    8. Posting links to other sites that are poorly moderated or have offensive content will not be tolerated on PIQscore. You may speak about websites such as Facebook and others, but please refrain from posting actual links.

  9. 9. Harassing or Threatening Others:

    9. It is not permissible to harass, "stalk," or threaten other PIQ Score members; doing so is grounds for immediate banishment from the site. Similarly, no threatening comments about an elected official, celebrity, or other public figure will be tolerated.

  10. 10. Impersonating Others:

    10. Other than the PIQ Persona you select for yourself, members may not participate in the PIQ Score Blog section under any identify other than their own. You may not misrepresent your identity using a sock puppet, falsified profile, or duplicate PIQ Persona. You also may not select a PIQ Persona that could cause a reasonable person to falsely conclude that you are an elected official, celebrity, or other public figure (besides being a violation of PIQ Score rules, such impersonation could be grounds for Federal computer fraud charges.) If you are a public figure and have questions about PIQ Score, please email

  11. 11. Posting in Non-English Languages:

    11. The website is managed by English-speaking site editors, and geared towards English speakers. Please do not post in any other languages, as these posts will be removed. This is not a political statement about other languages, but a practical measure to ensure that all content posted to the site can be read and understood by PIQ Score editors.

  12. 12. Posting Personal Information:

    12. PIQ Score takes our members' data and personal security very seriously. We recommend against posting personal information such as email addresses, IMs, gamer tags, phone numbers, personal photos or street addresses. If you want to let others know your IM or email, please direct them to view your profile and use the member-to-member chat features.

  13. 13. Self-Moderating:

    13. While we appreciate the efforts of members who try to keep PIQ Score posts within these guidelines, please do not reprimand other members directly. If you see a rule violation, you should report it to PIQ Score editors using the "report a post" flag. If you report something and it is not dealt with immediately, it may be because the moderators were busy, or that they have determined that no rule has been violated and have unflagged the reported content.

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