Scored 95, but I’m as much Libertarian as Republican

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September 11th, 2012

This was certainly a comprehensive test, but it presumes only two options for the elections.¬†¬† The problem with this is that, while the Democrats are firmly planted in Left field,¬† the GOP has had a case of bipolar disorder for decades:¬† sometimes Conservative, often so bland or “wishy-washy”¬† as to defy identification.¬† I have often wanted “None of the above”¬† as a voting option, and in practice, I vote Libertarian as many times as I do Republican.¬†¬† To be sure, there are some issues which the Libertarians seem to have lifted intact from the Democrats (such as LGBT rights and a distaste¬† for religion),¬† but in the ideological battle between Individualism and Collectivism,¬† they are hardcore Individualists…as am I.

If only the GOP would return to its Conservative roots, ans stay there, I could see no need for a Third Party, but they will not; therefore, a need exists for an alternative, and the Libertarian Party is already in place to fulfill that need.  And this test appears to be quite capable of identifying Libertarians.

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One Comments to “Scored 95, but I’m as much Libertarian as Republican”

  • Profile photo of cincinnatus cincinnatus says:

    Agreed about the conservative roots… although sometime you lose moderates voters when you go too right, on too many issues. Before you can change legislation, you need to get elected, right?

    I thought the same thing about the testing format, until I read this in the FAQ:

    Why are the responses to questions so polarized?

    For two reasons: first, the PIQ Score uses a research methodology called a “semantic differential” scale, designed to measure the emotional connection the respondent feels towards one response or the other. The more extreme the choices over the course of all questions the more accurate a picture that emerges. The second reason is due to the fact the positions held by voters on the left and the right- like abortion, gun control, taxes, etc. – are so polarized in real life; the survey is written to reflect the great distance between the two.

    But with a score of PIQ-95… I’d say you didn’t struggle much weighing those lefty opinions!