51 years old and life as I have known it is over.

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September 13th, 2012

I was unceremoniously ‘”dumped” from my last employer last February (7 months ago) after 28 years in telecommunications which included seven years in the Air Force. I had never been laid off , fired, or replaced ever in my lifetime and have always had the good fortune of  being able to find other management opportunities and hired quickly when I wanted to move on. I figured it would be the same this time around but , boy, was I wrong. I have submitted over 100 on-line and in-person resume’s and filled out almost as many on-line applications all to no avail. Unfortunately, only a fraction of these have been in telecom.  I always believed that good people would always be hired and those who couldn’t  get hired for long periods of time just didn’t have the skills or experience.  I’d really like to think that it has nothing to do with my age. Since our president likes to lay blame on everyone but himself for everything negative occurring in the world I thought I would borrow his mantra of “I blame all of this on Bush” and blame all of this on Obama.   He hasn’t done a damn thing to create jobs in this country nor has he done anything to create a positive business environment or that “good vibe” for the country that makes employers want to spend money and hire more people or allows employees to move on to other endeavors and free up positions for others to apply to. This is about as stagnant as it gets. Yes, Obama. I blame you. Not president Bush. Not your vice president. Not congress. I blame you. Good riddance this November.

I guess I can look at the positive side of being unemployed these past seven months. I’ve learned how to cook better dishes for dinner for the wife and I. I have been able to help my mother with major projects at her home as well as spend time with her. I have become REALLY good at house cleaning, dog feeding, clothes washing, gardening, crabbing, fishing and tinkering with my Jeep.  I will continue to search for work and hope that someday I will find work in my realm as well as an employer who will appreciate the years of experience and maturity I would bring to the table.  If this doesn’t materialize then I am not sure what I am going to do. Is there a small business in my future? NOT until Obama is out of it.

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  • Profile photo of John March John March says:

    THE job creators as they have been called aren’t rushing to create the glut of opportunities that were promised by the Bush tax cuts. Remember the Clinton surplus? Well Bush spent it and the reasons they gave at the time was the job creators needed that money to create bushels of jobs. It never happened. Government does not create jobs.
    Government jobs are down to the lowest growth since IKE. Taxes are the lowest in fifty years. Regulations have been stripped away, which is unnecessary. And the outrageous spending from 2000 to 2009 wasn’t paid for. So now you know and are experiencing the effects of trickle down policies produced from the Conservative era. Obama is an easy target but he is only the current enabler of these failed policies brought to the US by Conservative think tanks sponsored by a handful of plutocrats and worse. So, keep voting your interests,lol, and Good luck finding work, you’ll need it.